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Heather Dominguez is an Independent Filmmaker and Author from Portland, Oregon. After 20 years working in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant, she quit so she could get back to her creative nature. Heather graduated from Film School in 2013 with a BA in Digital, Film, and Video. 

Since 2010 Heather has created and/or worked on commercials, short films, reality-based web series, feature films, and network television. In 2016 Heather finished the transcribed version of the show Consciousness Continues and published it as a companion book to the series.  Since then 2 episodes of the proposed 22 episodes have been produced and published on Amazon Prime. Heather is currently working with commercial clients,  finishing the Docuseries as time allows, and specializing in branding videos for small businesses in the Portland Metropolitan area. 


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